Niecy Blues | Ways (Music Video)

Niecy Blues released her first music video for her single "Ways" over the weekend [April 14]. I remember listening to this track last Summer when it was first released on Soundcloud. In the 9 months that it's been out in the universe, it has acquired just over 11,000 plays and almost 500 shares on the Soundcloud platform alone. Along with the release of the music video, it has also been released for stream on Spotify and purchase on iTunes. The video starts in an isolated location with an eery atmosphere before Niecy "takes control". I can't recall the last time I seen visuals that matched a song's lyrical content so well. Niecy literally possesses the character and affects his surroundings. The parallel here is what really captivated me with this music video. I really appreciated the location audio aside from the song itself as well. (The full credits for the music video are provided in the description of the provided link.) The talent that goes into creating a music video cannot go unnoticed. The lighting is warm, the colors are vintage, the camera angles and frames are stellar, and the effects are both simple and effective. I won't get into the song itself here, but the video can be fully appreciated down below. I also took pleasure in the final scene of the music video where another character comes in after the initial character. As a viewer, it made me think. Is this man being controlled by Niecy or is there another woman controlling him? Does this say something about how a woman can control the mind of a man? I think it does. We're just men living in a woman's world. 

The music video is up for your viewing pleasure down below.

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