Seven Questions | Lexxie Ashleeca

Where are you from?

Lexxie: "I am from Toronto, Canada. I was born here. I am a part of the first generation of Canadians. But for some reason I think it's also important to say that my background is Jamaican."

How long have you been doing music?

Lexxie: "Uhmm. Define doing music? *Laughs Cause I've been writing and remixing songs since I was 7 or 8. Throughout my entire life, music has been a key part of it. But in terms of taking it seriously and really honing my craft. I would say I've been doing that consistently since 2014."

What influenced you to do music?

Lexxie: "Music has always been one of the ways I express myself. I wouldn't say I had the innate desire to initially want to share that with other people, but then I saw music as a way to connect with people and that really made me want to pursue it even more. There are many "who's" that inspired me to do music, but it was their passion that really had an influence on why I do music. Going back to that connection piece, I'm really hoping that by doing music (something I'm extremely passionate about) it allows people to chase after their own dreams, and allows me to connect with other people that I may have never gotten the chance to meet otherwise."


How would you define your sound?

Lexxie: "I don't think I'm able to define my sound just yet. It's something I'm working on. It's RnB music. It's usually pretty musical. A lot of the production is formed around my lyrics and acapellas. But if I had to try to define it I would say, empowering, fun, and unpredictable. *Laughs Does that work?"

What song of yours would you want a potential fan to hear first? Why?

Lexxie: "Well first of all I don't have many songs out. I do have a song coming out soon called "Oceans". This song is definitely one of my favourites. I would want a potential (fan) to hear this because it first shows that I can actually sing and give a lowkey vocal performance, it's really some of the best writing I've done thus far, and it introduces me as a human that goes through her own fair share of struggles. Coming into this music game, I always want to make sure I stay grounded. It's easy for people to get lost, but "Oceans" is that song that is so genuine that you can honestly hear it in the song that yeah this girl is relatable. She's just trying to live a better life and be happy." 

Can you tell us one interesting fact about yourself?

Lexxie: "I'm probably the most extroverted-introvert you will ever meet."

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Lexxie: "A project. I don't know how near is near. But this year 2018, I'm holding myself to it. I want to release a project and really it will be my debut project to the world. So I'm excited about that. Hopefully some people will tune it."

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