Cyanca | New Phone, Who Dis? (Music Video)

I came across Cyanca and her music through one of my followers on Twitter; props to Kaya Nova. I then went and dug through Soundcloud to find her and her music where I came across her The Isle of Queens project that had been released 8 months prior. As with most artists that are new to me, I hit play on the project to play through its entirety. I knew as soon as I had started the project, that this was something special, something different. The production was crisp, the vocals were smooth and pleasant; qualities that are hard to come across in the underground scene. For this to be the only project uploaded on her account, the plays ranged from the thousands to the tens of thousands; numbers that reflect the quality of the music. But after eight months of silence and social media posts about disappearing, I feared that it would be a long time before we got anything new from the songwriter, if anything new was to be had. Fortunately, a few weeks after discovering her and her music, she announced that she would be releasing a music for New Phone, Who Dis?, my personal favorite from her project. I couldn't tell you the number of times I've played this song. The bass line, the vocals, the sizzling hi hats. All of the components are there. There are the hints of the modern but also flavors of the old in this record. I'll let the sound of the song speak for itself. You'll have to listen to it for yourself to truly appreciate it. This post is about the music video created to accompany it. Something that struck me about this music video is that Cyanca isn't the first character we see. Music videos that aren't entirely focused on the artist, always intrigue me. It tells a different story. The outside landscape, the dancing, and the money trees all hit you at the start. And who's at the root of the money tree? It's Cyanca, of course. This is where we get to see the artist enjoying the fruits of her labor. The colors and the painting scenes that follow in this music video are gorgeous; a great job for all those who had a part in its creation. 

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