Chuck iNDigo - iNDigo Café | Track-by-Track Listen

Chuck Indigo - Indigo Café

Tennessee native Chuck Indigo has released his follow up to 2017’s Indigo SZN, with Indigo Café. I wanted to share my first listening experience and note highlights while doing so. It’s 9:45 AM EST. I brewed up some black coffee. Let’s get into it. (Note: Sorry, not sorry, for the food references in this article.)

  1. Mad Today - “24 hours closer to the day I die.” I really like the message of this song. Enjoy the day. There’s a skit here. The voice actor is really good. It creates an atmosphere for what’s to follow.

  2. Ugly - I’ve heard this sample before. Can’t put my finger on it. “Good enough ain’t good enough for me.” The flow in this second verse has my attention.

  3. Overtime (feat. Tim Gent) - I love the sample modulation here. Three tracks in and it sounds so south. Outkast would be proud of what the south has to say. This is my first introduction to Tim Gent. His delivery doesn’t disappoint as his voice reminds me of his Tennessee peers. I’ll have to look into him when I finish with this album.

  4. Don’t Fall - Another short skit, keeping us in a common space. I appreciate the change in pace and the versatility showcased here. Would it be bad to say I hear this being played in a store at the mall? Atmospheric. At only 2 minutes, I almost wished it was longer. This song plays an important role sonically.

  5. But Here (feat. Brian Brown) - More melodic material. This sounds like a southern spiritual. I’ve been following Brian Brown for some time. I actually have another blog written on him here. I’m anticipating his album, Journey. Another cafe skit. These skits make you feel at home, with friends.

  6. Introverted - I’m interested in just the title alone. “I don’t have shit to say.” Is this going to be my new personal anthem? He’s speaking to me on this first verse. Whew. Only halfway through this album and it is by far my favorite indie project this year. I’m currently streaming this on Spotify but I’m going to have to take a trip to iTunes and make a purchase. When the quality is this good, I have to support. The chants of “I don’t”, I feel that.

  7. What’s the Tea? - Okay. I have to be honest here. When the album dropped at midnight, I played the previews on iTunes. And with a song called “What’s the Tea?”, I had to get a sneak peek. From there, I got a small taste of the other 11 menu items Chuck calls tracks. Another cafe skit, funny, disorder. “I don’t want the teaaaa.” These notes take me back to SiR’s The Recipe. All these topics of discussion that Chuck is offering before he tells you to “shut up”. I really like the funk and bass line of this track. I also have to note the background vocals here. Chuck is a master of backing vocals, unique. Special.

  8. Pay Stubs - Payday, am I right? More somber… spoke too soon. That beat is knocking. “Y’all keep the fake love, I need the pay stubs. I’m good on the buddy buddy, let’s get to the money.” THIS IS ME EVERY DAY AT WORK. Why do people want to force fake relationships when we’re all there for a check? I appreciate the dynamics of this track, lows here, energetic there. At almost 4 minutes long, it feels too short. Chuck is introspective, analytical.

  9. Money Raps - Skit. I was not expecting the beat to drop like that. I don’t know what’s on the drink menu over in Tennessee but they’ve got a very distinct sound. Nine tracks in and this is the first offering that I have to question its effect on my palette. Not saying this is a bad song at all. It’s impressive that it took 9 tracks to get to this point. I just wouldn’t have it in heavy rotation, personally.

  10. The Thrill - One thing is for sure, this album needs to be on every road trip playlist. The beats really ride over atmospheric instruments. Is that the end already? Damn. Chuck really knows how to give you a taste and leave you wanting more. That’s the trick of the food industry. Give you just enough that you’re satisfied with what you paid for but little enough that you could eat more.

  11. Before Tomorrow - This was one of my favorite sneak peeks. “Forget about today before tomorrow.” I need to give flowers to the producers on this project. This has to be on my top 3 productions for this album. The vocals on the hook are beautiful. The verses are clear, as on every song. Chuck has a message, always something to say. I’ve said it several times but Chuck knows how to end a song. Nothing here sounds drawn out beyond where it needs to live. Chuck’s inspirations are evident but he has taken that inspiration and molded it into his own.

  12. Too Deep for the Intro… - If you had any doubt about whether Chuck could rap, this will resolve that. “My president is still Obama.” Wow. 2 minutes of rappity rap. It’s nice to end on a different sonic note. It really sets up for you to run the album back.

iNDigo Café will continue to be a joy to come back and visit. Props to Chuck iNDigo, his producers, and his engineer. The quality is there. And the project is so cohesive, so seamless. At 12 tracks and 36 minutes, it demands to be played back. A meal for $10.99 isn’t bad at all. Compliments to the chef.

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