ameriKKKEN - Khaotic | Track-by-Track Listen

ameriKKKEN - Khaotic

Indianapolis emcee ameriKKKen has been on my radar for the last couple of years garnering attention with her freestyle videos and loose singles she’s released on her Soundcloud. Her rise and hustle has been admirable; watching her perform on stages and independently pushing her debut project, Khaotic. An extended-play that she has “dedicated to those who feel like their life is just as hectic as their thoughts.” This has been out for less than two weeks and I’ve been anticipating the moment I would hit play. Here are my thoughts in real-time as I delve into this track-by-track listen.

  1. Silver Lining - Who doesn’t love a good “mic check” to start a hip-hop record? ameriKKKen is introspective here, speaking on her depression and external pressures. Her strength shines through while speaking on her weaknesses. She’s still tuning in during the outro. She’s ready.

  2. Who Do You Love? - I’m very familiar with this beat produced by Yondo. I scouted Yondo out in 2018 while searching for producers. I love what she’s doing, the flows, the adlibs. The “who you loving on?” lines hit. Leaving you to ask yourself that question.

  3. The Come Up - The song was released as a single before this album, nearly a year ago. The message still rings as true as it did when I first heard it. “All my problems stem from being broke” she states. An issue many people in her shoes face. Though this song is dark on the surface, it’s hopeful (“praying for better days”). It feels like being at your lowest before actualizing everything you’re working towards. The skit at the end is a nice touch. The delivery of the actor takes me back to Kendrick’s good kid, m.A.A.d city.

  4. Snakes in the Grass - ameriKKKen is speaking on a common theme during anyone’s nearing success: people that come around when they think it will benefit them, the fake love, the lack of reciprocation. This song plays as a warning: watch the ones around you. The spoken piece at the end is another nice touch, not anything like the skit in the previous track.

  5. Tortoise and the Hare - The beat starts immediately as ameriKKKen calls herself the tortoise in the race to the top. I’m taking note of her pen here. What she’s doing with words, it makes me wonder what her relationship with literature is outside of music. I also wonder about her influences. Her flow is distinct, aggressive. I feel she is outshining the production and that’s not a bad ting. This last section is nice, more poetic than anything.

  6. Under Pressue - I’ve heard this sample before. Shoutout to Cyanca. Nonetheless, ameriKKKen continues to be confident here. I love the melody that she carries. It’s a beautiful talent when you can both rap and sing. Six tracks in and I’m just now noticing the lack of features. That’s a good thing.

  7. Chosen - I have to say, this was unexpected. The sung chorus is amazing. She continues with the flows in the verses. The track serves as an appropriate outro to her debut. The listener knows there’s more to come. ameriKKKen knows where she’s headed, determined to continue down the path laid out in front of her. She’s got something to prove to herself and those who look to her. She speaks to the listener directly as her project comes to an end, providing them with motivation to keep going.

Though this project only offers seven tracks in total, it contains 27 minutes of lyrical content and she doesn’t short the listener as each track runs no shorter than three minutes. I’m proud of ameriKKKen as I’ve watched her rise to this point. Deciding to lock in and formulate a body of work is no easy task and for this to be her introductory piece, it is commendable.

Khaotic is available for purchase and streaming on iTunes and Spotify.

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