Why I Created This Blog

A Platform for the Underground

I created this blog channel to provide a platform for local artists to be heard. I am always looking for new music and new artists and in my time of searching, I have come across so much talent. A lot of these artists do not get the exposure they deserve so I wanted to create a space where these artists can draw more eyes onto what they are doing. I know the struggle of contacting publications and writers to review your work and wanted to provide another option for artists. I also believe that there is not a publication fully dedicated to unknown artists. A lot of publications strictly write for the mainstream and do not jump on newer artists early on. Another issue I have run into with other publications is that they promote music that does not satisfy my desire for good music. The music featured on this channel will be thoroughly reviewed for consideration to provide readers the best possible articles.


I also wanted to stay true to my mission of becoming a content creator. I have a drive to create and release exciting material. I have been working and collaborating with artists for years as far as engineering, producing, mixing, and mastering and wanted to branch off into other ventures. If you want to submit your music or another artist's music for consideration, please email me at NOAHTheProducer@gmail.com or hit me up on all social media platfroms @NOAHTheProducer.