SunRhé | Closer (Music Video)

Songstress SunRhé releases her self-directed "Closer" music video featuring Emperor Timeline. The music video serves as a documentation of her "Come Closer" event she held in Columbia, South Carolina last Summer [July 29, 2017]. The video opens to what you might have heard if were there at the event. The crowd can be heard chattering before SunRhé comes to the mic and asks those in attendance how they are doing. The visuals are nothing short of amazing with the colors of pink of blue saturating the screen. The video really attests to the other creatives in attendance of the event as it shows clips of these artists performing, the DJ, an illustrator, and everybody having a good time.  The video really accompanies the infectious song as SunRhé slides on the beat. Emperor Timeline's vocals really stand out as he draws out his sung words, changing up tones as his lines develop. 

Follow both of these artists @SunRhe & @EmperorTimeline.

Watch the video here:

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