Moving forward, I want to continue to produce great content. I want to build my music blog with interviews and music from newer artists. I have an interest in starting a podcast that will cover topics centered around music where I will talk to artists, producers, engineers, and other creatives. I am also in the process of setting up my own personal studio. I want to continue to work with artists to satisfy their producing, recording, mixing & mastering needs. There are just so many ventures that I want to take on and I want to achieve it all.

I got into the audio scene through music production. I was producing music through FL and after getting comfortable with producing, I started to seek out artists to place on the beats I was creating. This is where I transitioned from a "beat maker" to a music producer. I was creating these tracks and strategically placing artists on them to create great music. During my early years of producing, I also dabbled in some production mixing. Once I graduated high school and attended college, I networked with music and film professionals. I was not only doing music but also doing audio for films both on location and in post production. I am often in the studio with musicians and recording artists but also with film directors and other sound designers to create sonic worlds for films and animations. I am also developing a stronger relationship with my ears and music production. I have studied on not only mixing music but mastering music as well. I have now worked with a plethora of artists stretching across all genres and demographics. I am continuously searching for more talent to develop the next artist's sound  — whether it is film or music.